Four Reasons You Want This EMS Tool

A TK1 Tactical EMS Oxygen Wrench on your belt is a status symbol. It shows you’re serious about your work.

But status don’t get the job done!

Watch this video by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic as he reviews four things he likes about this key piece of EMS equipment.

TK1 Oxygen Wrench

Take Pride in Your EMS Tools

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Are you still wondering if this is the right tool for you?

TK1 Oxygen Wrench
These few questions may help you decide.

“Is the tool worth $15.95?” (didn’t think I’d go there right off, did ya’)

You have to answer that for yourself. For me, this is a tool that I’ll use every day on the job. When you factor in the virtually indestructible nature of this tool along with its everyday usefulness, the satisfaction guarantee from the MedicCast Store and the lifetime warrantee from the manufacturer - the TK1 Tactical EMS oxygen wrench is worth twice as much.

“I’ll lose this just like I lose other things, won’t I?” (I lose things all of the time, too!)

One of the best features about this product is the way you will always have it handy. Because you can attach it to a key ring or carabiner easily, you will always have it close by when you need it . . . AND . . . you will not lose the TK1. It’s small enough to carry easily in a pocket and weighs less than 2 ounces so it won’t weigh your keys or gear down.

What if all of my co-workers want to borrow my TK1 Tactical EMS oxygen wrench?

First of all, it will be nice to be one of the first to own this unique piece of equipment. That said, we know how your partner and colleagues in the field will be envious of the way you open stuck O2 valves and swap out new bottles with ease. Don’t sweat it. Just repeat after me:

“Go Buy Your Own!”

Or you could take advantage of our 4+ offer. Buy 4 or more TK1 wrenches and you will get an extra 10% off the purchase.

That adds up to a savings of nearly $6 (hint - Get nine friend’s to buy and yours will be almost free!)

Take Pride in Your EMS Tools - Own The Best and Toss the Rest!