An EMS Tool Ready When Time is on the Line

A TK1 Tactical EMS Oxygen Wrench on your belt is a status symbol. It shows you’re serious about your work. At least, that’s what this paramedic had to say about his TK1 EMS Oxygen Wrench.
TK1 Oxygen Wrench

Some of my coworkers pick on me for showing off my TK1 oxygen wrench by hanging it on my carabiner so people can see it. The standing joke is that I'm becoming one of those people who exhibit characteristics of ‘lifestyles of the poor and fabulous' EMTs by dangling my high society yellow oxygen wrench out where everyone can see it. The funniest part is that my coworkers have a point - I do want people to see my TK1! I want people to see that I carry the best tools and that I take a lot of pride in the work I do. To me, it is no different than not wanting to show up on a call in a dirty rig - you just don't do it, right?

Professional EMT Tools Help You Look Good

When I carried a plastic oxygen wrench or even the bulky and flimsy metal one, I never wanted anyone to see it so it stayed tucked away in my bag or my cargo pocket so I didn't have to look at it until I wanted to use it. The design of the TK1 is so nice and smooth that it looks good enough to show off! The best part is that not only does it look good, it actually works better than any other oxygen wrench on the market and it is guaranteed! When was the last time you saw a plastic wrench with any guarantee at all?

The truth is, everyone likes to be recognized for the hard work they do and paramedics / EMTs are no exception to that rule. With the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench displayed prominently on your key chain you will always have an instant conversation starter at hand that gives you the opportunity to talk about your work. You'll find out quickly that people will ask about it every day. I have had a good time letting people guess what it was before I would actually tell them. So far I've had people think my TK1 was everything from a bottle or can opener to some kind of computer tool (something that my partner laughed out loud about because I can't even operate my cell phone).

Endorsed by Leaders in the EMS Field

If you are in the EMS field, then you have probably heard of Jamie Davis, a.k.a. the "Podmedic" from the Medicast podcast. Jamie uses the Tactical Oxygen Wrench and recommends it as well, but he isn't the only one. Thousands upon thousands of men and women in the emergency medical field are using the TK1 every day and wouldn't trust their reputation to any other tool on the market. The construction is solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is guaranteed for life to never bend, break or warp like other metal and plastic types do.

Carry the tool that shows you take pride in the job you do and in making sure that you have the best equipment available for the job. The TK1 is guaranteed to work right the first time, every time. It is MRI safe (completely non-magnetic) and comes with a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee which means that you can buy them for your partner, instructor and coworkers, and if they don't like the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench, you can send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. They won't be sending it back though; I've never seen anyone who wasn't happy with theirs.

Take Pride in Your EMS Tools

The Tactical Oxygen Wrench even works on valves that have seen better days. Let me tell you, I've seen some deformed valves in my time, but I have yet to see one that my TK1 couldn't handle with little effort. In fact, my wrench is usually the one everyone asks for as soon as they see there's a problem with an O2 tank. At just $15.95 I bought several (they come in different colors) so I always have some on hand to give as an EMT gift to one of my coworkers or anyone else in the EMS field that I see could get some good use out of it.

It is the best fifteen bucks I've spent on my personal equipment in a very long time and if that pride makes me the butt of a few jokes along the way, so be it. Just wait and see who they ask for help with that next problem tank.