An EMS Tool Ready When Time is on the Line

Jammed O2 Tanks are no match for the TK1 Tactical EMS Oxygen Wrench. According to this EMT story, he knew it all along, thanks to his trust TK1 EMS Oxygen Wrench.
TK1 Oxygen Wrench

Imagine that you are on a call and the oxygen tank in your rig is jammed. Your partner breaks her flimsy plastic tank wrench (again) and looks up at you with nothing but frustration on her face. That's when you reach down, grab your carabiner and hand her the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench that you've had since your last plastic one broke just like hers. In no time flat, your partner has loosened the damaged valve and puts your wrench in her pocket with a wink.

This scene replays itself time and time again as paramedics and EMTs are coming to realize that in our line of work every second really does count. The TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench was designed by an EMT specifically to be used (and used hard) in the field. When New York City paramedic Joshua Knapp created the wrench, he no doubt had experienced the same frustration we all have with broken wrenches and sore hands. That's why the design of the TK1 is so ingenious.

An EMS Tool Designed to be Used in the Field

The TK1 was designed with good ergonomics in mind which means that when you use it, you are using the most surface area possible to create additional leverage. Anyone in the field can tell you how important that extra leverage can be when time is critical. In addition to that, Knapp's design has a total of three wrench slots so that you can choose the leverage point that is best for your situation at that moment. That's a major improvement over the majority of wrenches most EMS workers and paramedics are using today because it means that you get the most leverage right where you need it - even in tight spaces like cramped quarters and even O2 tents.

Paramedics are often called upon to work and react quickly in life and death situations. When the right tools are available at a moment's notice, you feel much more secure doing your job and you know that you will be able to do whatever is necessary, whenever you need to. It's hard to believe that a little lightweight piece of aircraft grade aluminum alloy can give you that kind of security but if you've ever had a wrench break off in your hand, you know the value of having a strong, sturdy and reliable tool available that can handle a variety of tough situations without bending, warping or breaking.

Superior Value / Low Price

Priced at an impressive $15.95 and available in several colors, the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench is not only affordable, it is also compact and reliable enough for you to give as a gift to your rig partner, to other EMS coworkers, even to your instructor. It is the only oxygen wrench anyone in the emergency medical services should bother purchasing for anything other than a gag gift because once you have used the TK1, you will understand just how serious a tool it really is.

Let's face the facts: As paramedics, we do what we do because it saves lives. It should go without saying that anything we can do that will give us an edge over bad odds when time is working against us is something we should take advantage of. That is why I have the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench. It works in a variety of situations and it works fast. It is ergonomically designed so that it is easy on my hands and wrists; it is non-magnetic which means it is safe for MRI use and it is virtually indestructible.

When Seconds Count, You Need the TK1 EMS Wrench

When the situation you find yourself in could change drastically in a matter of just a few seconds, don't you want to have the tools on hand to make sure those seconds are working in your favor and not against you? Get the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench and you'll never find yourself struggling with a flimsy, poorly made O2 wrench again. Better yet, get one for yourself, your partner, and your coworkers, and you will have a hand in speeding up reaction times across the board.

As my lovely wife likes to say, "That thing is so simple even a paramedic can use it." The most amusing part of that statement is that she's absolutely right.