A Superior EMS Gift and Tool Value

Check out this story about a provider using the TK1 Tactical EMS Oxygen Wrench. She found it to be a superior value and a tool sought after by her co-workers.

TK1 Oxygen Wrench

Working in the EMS field can be an expensive undertaking, at least when it comes to keeping and maintaining your personal tools and equipment. That's why it is important to know that the tools we buy are going to hold up to repeated use over the long haul, otherwise we are just wasting money and with the economy the way it is these days, nobody can afford to do that.

One of the most commonly overlooked (or ignored) tools in the paramedic's arsenal is the oxygen wrench, at least until you need one. While these wrenches are not particularly expensive, when you weigh just how long some of the last and how often you have to replace them, they don't generally seem to hold their value very well, all things considered - especially if they are made of plastic or that cheap metal that can break in your hand at the most inopportune time. That's why the only O2 wrench I recommend at all is the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench from WANTYNU.

The Last Oxygen Wrench You’ll Ever Need

If you are an EMT, paramedic, work in the EMS field or if you are looking for an EMT gift for someone who does, this is the last oxygen wrench you will ever need to buy, period. Even the most badly deformed oxygen tank valves don't stand a chance against the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench. Seriously, you'd have to see this thing in action to fully appreciate just how incredible the value really is. Not only is the TK1 made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, it is non metallic so it is entirely safe for use around MRI equipment.

When I first got my TK1, my partner thought it would be funny to prove to me that it was just as prone to being destroyed as the plastic oxygen wrenches we'd been using for years but even practical joking paramedics have a hard time doing any damage to this incredible O2 wrench; it really is virtually indestructible! Practical jokes aside though, my partner and I have worked as a seamless team for several years and part of that teamwork is being able to anticipate each other's moves and needs while in a time sensitive situation - and when you are an EMT or paramedic, they are all time sensitive situations. Remember that the next time you have to wrestle with a stuck O2 tank valve with nothing but a cheap plastic wrench standing between you and a code. The TK1 wrench speeds reaction time and in our line of work speed can save lives.

Better Value, Hands Down

The bottom line for me is that after using it in the field I can say without hesitation that the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench is definitely the last O2 tank wrench I'll ever own and there's no doubt it is the only one I will ever recommend. It didn't take long before my partner Randy became a convert too. He's kinda cheap (I always end up paying for lunch somehow) so all I had to do was tell him that the TK1 has a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If anything ever happens to it, the manufacturer will replace it immediately.

Being able to attach my wrench to my key ring -which in my case is a carabiner (or 'D ring') is helpful too since it is almost impossible to lose that way. Notice I said almost impossible. Whenever you work with a group of practical jokesters like I do, I've learned to never say that something is impossible. I know my TK1 will be up to the job as long as I can keep it away from my partner. The last time he got a hold of my key ring, he emailed me a photo of my ring - keys, TK1 wrench and all - hanging from the flagpole at our fire house.

Get Your Own While Supplies Last!

Long story short the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench is a must have for anyone who works in Emergency Medical Services (EMT, firefighter or paramedic). When you place your order though, go ahead and save yourself some time and order one for your partner, your coworkers and maybe even your boss. They'll appreciate it and that little oxygen wrench might just save someone's life.