Stop! You just found the last oxygen wrench you'll ever need!

Field tested, guaranteed for life, tough, and designed by one of us! The WANTYNU TK1 EMS Tactical Oxygen Wrench makes a perfect gift for yourself or that special EMT or paramedic in your life.

Buy With Confidence!

Make your purchase with confidence because we’ve done all of the work for you. Each item has been field tested and approved by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, host of the MedicCast podcast and is backed by our 30 Day gift buying satisfaction guarantee!

Professional EMS Tools

Professionals are often identified and judged by quality of the tools they carry. EMTs, paramedics and other emergency medical services providers are no different.

Whether it is by the stethoscope around our necks or the defibrillators we carry in our rigs, having the right tool for the right job is an important part of professionalism. This is especially true of the small but frequently used tools in our gear.

All too often, we are given cheap, fragile tools designed and built by some guy in an office somewhere. The concepts of field tested/field tough are alien to them.

Frequently our tools are bought by some bean-counter who has never been in the back of an ambulance or tried to use a poorly designed tool. They made their choice because it was the cheapest option.

That doesn’t do us any good when someone’s life is on the line. When that time comes, our patients and their families look to us to be ready for whatever comes along.

Right EMS Tool for the Right EMS Job

The WANTYNU EMS Oxygen Wrench was designed and manufactured by a New York City NREMT-Paramedic to his own tough standards. It is guaranteed by the manufacturer for life and I’ve heard it’s virtually indestructible!

Check out this list of features!

  • Light Weight - weighs less than two ounces
  • Tough - forged from aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • MRI Safe - Non-magnetic alloy safe for use near MRI machines
  • Multi Angle Approach - Use the tool in tight quarters
  • Two Tools in One - Slot to tighten regulator thumb screw
  • Multiple Attachment Points - Attaches to a carabiner or key ring quickly and easily
  • Three Colors - Easy to spot in White, Yellow, or Black
  • Ergonomic Design - Small enough for a pocket but an easy fit for your hand
  • Superior Value - at $15.95, it’s less than some other, inferior wrenches
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - Try for 30 days and if you don’t like it, return it.
  • Built to Last - Lifetime Repair or Replacement Guarantee against breakage
  • MedicCast Endorsed - Recommended by Jamie Davis, the Podmedic
  • Reviewed by JEMS magazine (Download the pdf of the TK1 review here)
  • Unique - Be the first to own this innovative product in your service
  • Great Gift - Priced right, guaranteed, and unique - It’s the perfect EMS Gift

Don’t take my word for it.

Here are a few stories I rounded up about the TK1 Tactical EMS Oxygen Wrench:

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The TK1 EMS Tactical Oxygen Wrench is only $15.95 while supplies last. Priced to be affordable by every EMS provider in the country, this tool should be available for every EMT and paramedic in the country. If you are going to buy one, you should go ahead and buy 3 or 4 because everyone you know is going to want one. Get your friends to pitch in and get a discount.

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